The Quest to find the perfect dog harness…

A few months ago when we adopted Ringo, a 1 ½ year old mini dachshund, we brought a bright red harness we got prior to meeting him. It was one size too big and we had to immediately bring it back to the pet store to have it re-sized. It seemed to fit him and he didn’t seem to mind it at all. It wasn’t until one day at Petco and a doomed encounter with a Jack Russell that we realized he was capable of wiggling out of the harness. It sent us on a quest to find the perfect harness or at least settle for one that he couldn’t escape from. We bought one from Petco that day. We got home, put it on him and he sat in one spot for an 1 hour. We tempted him treats and toys, he didn’t budge an inch. We removed it and put on a collar we bought purely based on it being a Star Wars themed one. I have sooo many feelings about collars. I think for a smaller dog they are not ideal especially since he bolts every time he sees a suspicious squirrel or leaf. I didn’t want him choking himself on this collar so I tried the harness we bought from Petco a couple more times. 
But here’s the problems with it. 

The hardware on it is at least ½ lb heavy and seemed to really bother him. He kept on trying to bite it. The straps that went behind his front hunches seemed to be pinching him as well. He’s a dachshund and his body is weird and not proportional. He just hated this harness so after a couple days of bribing I threw in the towel and returned the harness.

He wore the dreaded collar for a couple of months while I went back to the drawing board. I found harnesses that were especially made for dachshunds but they were a upwards of $40. It just seemed like I couldn’t find a harness that fit him and wasn’t going to break the bank. 

I recently found a harness from Petsmart that is only available online. I did my research, read reviews, followed the sizing chart and ordered the sky blue one with fingers crossed. It arrived today. I put him in it and he laid on the ground for an hour and half like someone had given him a shot of horse tranquilizer. He wasn’t motivated by his favorite toy or treats. He wasn’t biting at the harness he just went into a coma when it was on him. Once we took off the harness, he returned to his normal hyper-self.  I am just flabbergasted. 

I guess the quest continues…:(