To England and beyond….

Lots of fun, exciting and scary stuff happening in the next few weeks. In 6 days, I’m heading off to England for an adventure with my bestie, Kyle. It’s one of those trips that we have talked, thought, and planned for what has seemed like decades! We are going so he can present an academic paper at a Victorian Literature Conference which is kind of amazing and I’m so proud of him. When he told me he got accepted to this conference, I casually said; “I should go with you to England, lolz!” He surprisingly was like, “Yes! That would be awesome.” O.O This was back in August or September so the idea of going to England in March was such an abstract thought it didn’t hit me until ummm….today. We bought the tickets a month and half ago and we’ve been booking rail tickets and hotel tickets but it wasn’t until I was in Wal-Mart last night at 12:00 am when Paul turned to me and was like, “You should probably get an international charger converter for your phone.” I am going to ENGLAND!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I’m so excited! I want to blog while I’m there but our itinerary is so jammed packed I don’t see that happening!!! Maybe I’ll vlog with my camera…I don’t make any promises!

Another exciting but more scary thing that is going in my life is my making the decision to get a bariatric surgery. I’m still in the beginning stages of the process and I’ll be sure to keep you guess posted but I am so excited about my decision. If you’re new to my story, I’ll be brief. I’ve battled with my weight my entire life. If you don’t believe me, here’s a picture of me when I was 4:

Happy but chunky kid! ūüôā

I’ve had success with weight loss in the past but it has never lasted. I understand that getting a surgery is a really extreme measure but my BMI is over 50 and I’m just so limited in my life. I want to do a 5k, I want ride horses again, I want to go hang gliding, I want to bungee jumping, I want to go hiking. I also understand that the surgery is not the only changes I have to make in my life. It’s not just a change in my anatomy that needs to change but my relationship with food. The clinic I’m going through has an amazing support system of nutritionists, trainers, and therapists so even though its the first step I know I’m going to have an amazing team backing me up throughout this amazingly scary journey. I haven’t told a lot of people because it’s a very big decision and I don’t want their opinions swaying me or making me second guess myself. My first appointment with my surgeon is Friday and though I’m so excited about making the leap, I’m nervous. Wish me luck.


New Wet n’ Wild Palettes!!!

New Products from Wet n’ Wild came out this week! It’s their new spring 2014 collection and I bought all of them!¬†

Like most of their¬†existing¬†collection, Wet n’ Wild 4 out of 5 are monochromatic which i find¬†infuriating. I¬†don’t see why they can’t more dynamic palettes but whatever – they only cost $3.99. Almost all of the colors are fairly pigmented except for the lighter colored ones.¬†

This palette is my favorite. It has the most varity in all the palettes. And even though I would not be able to use all these colors in one eye look they do offer a nice pop of color to any eye look. My personal fav is the orange color!!!

Though this palette is very pretty the only stand out colors is the crease color which is a blue/purple with pink shimmer and “browbone” light lilac shimmer. The other are pretty but run of the mill pink and purples. ¬†

This is a GREAT every day palette. I would recommend this to any beginner makeup dabbler because it allows you to create several looks with this one palette. I like how there are warm and cool browns in the palette. 

Though I like the idea of this palette the colors are too harsh for an eye look. I would use the black to deep up the crease or the silvers to highlight the inner corners. Other than that, I would just use this palette alone to create a smokey eye for my muddy brown eyes. 

I kind of secretly love/hate this palette – well I guess not secretly anymore. The blues look really great with my brown eyes and I do love the matte cobalt blue in the palette but it’s just soooooooooo ¬†BLUE. Like I said in previous statement, I wouldn’t be able to use this palette alone to create an appealing look.

My final thoughts:¬†The spring 2014 collection is great in it’s own ways but¬†definitely¬†has some flaws. I am sick¬†and tired of these monochromatic palettes. I would love a palette from them that has¬†more¬†variety. For the price point of $3.99, the color pay off is AMAZING!¬†