The Pink Lippies of Spring & Summer.

It’s that time of year to break away from the dark lip colors. It’s time to turn away from those deep purples and voluptuous wines lipsticks. It’s time for some BRIGHT colors to be reintroduced into your makeup regime. I’ve gone through all my lippies and picked out some perfect pinks for the spring and summer transition.

Spring Lip Colors – Sweet & Refreshing

Creamy Pink Coral – A nice soft color for the beginning of spring.

True Medium Pink – A sweet color that provides a mute pink for those who want a more sophisticated look. 

Peachy-Pink –  This a great everyday color since the lip butters are very hydrating but have nice sheer color. 
(This is much more peachy in person. The flash makes it more pinky.)

Summer Lip Colors – Bold & Revitalizing

True Fuchsia – A HOT pink that definitely makes a statement that leans more on the warmer side. 

Cool Hot Pink – This pink is something Nicki Minaj would have in her collection. 

Red Fuchsia – These lip lacquers are SUPER pigments so they make a statement. This would be perfect with a neutral eye for a daytime statement. 

Honorable Mention

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