I’m an adult. Part 1.

It’s that time of year. Its that time to wipe the empty cobwebs from the corners that you stare at in the middle of the night wondering where their makers are. It’s time to for that deep clean that makes your house feel like new. I’ve had my slider door open as much as I can. Even when the temperatures are barely hitting 50 degrees, I’m opening the door to get some fresh air. I’ve always just feel so cooped up in the winter that at any sign of non-freezing temps – I’m opening the windows.

Even my dog loves the fresh air. 

Since my boyfriend and I moved together, I’ve had the strange need to nest and make my apartment feel more like a home. I do a lot more house cleaning than I ever did when I live with my room mate or my parents.  He suggested to do some spring cleaning the other day and I was horrified. “Isn’t that something old people do?” It’s something my mother does every season. Now you need to understand, my mother vacuums the house everyday, dusts the house every other day, windex’s the windows every day, dry mops every day, and the list goes on. This woman does not need to do a seasonal cleaning but “Cleanliness is next to godliness” in her words. Our seasonal cleanings was always filled with cleaning dollies, starching linens, washing the millions of knick knacks my mother had accumulated over the years, washing down the woodwork, and other horribly tedious tasks she complied over the years. Every year the list seemed to get longer or it’s just I got older so I was more involved.

So as you can see, the words ‘spring cleaning’ strikes fear into my very core. My boyfriend even created a list on google drive and shared it with me. The one thing that struck me odd the other day when we talking about spring cleaning is that it actually sounded fun (my inner-teenager is screaming at me how I have turned into my mother).  The difference between spring cleaning as a teenager versus an adult is that it’s my own place and my own stuff I’m cleaning. I don’t have nearly the amount of decorative plates and figurines my mother has and the dusting in my 1200 square foot apartment is 1/3 of my parents house. We did an inventory of cleaning products and I picked up some drawer organizers. Who am i?!?!?

It was then I realized…



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