Birthday, ‘Tammy’, and a .com

What an exciting last several days I’ve had!

Let’s start at the very beginning, shall we?

Friday, July 11, 2014.

A couple of friends and I went out for a dinner and movie. Dinner was good while the conversation was even better. After dinner we waltzed around downtown Iowa city and ate some ice cream. Then we headed to see Tammy. Now I was not expecting to like it as much as I did but quite honestly I thought it had some really endearing moments. I have really love Melissa McCarthy since her days on Gilmore Girls but recently I feel like her career centers around the fact that she is overweight which is aggravating. So I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to feel about her new movie. Well there are plenty of fat jokes but at the heart of the movie it’s about growing up and taking care of one another. The thing that gravitated me to the movie is the fact that Melissa McCarthy and her husband wrote the screenplay and then her husband directed it. I hope Melissa McCarthy starts making movies that showcase her as a human being with feelings rather than an overweight slob caricature.

Side note and possible spoiler: There is also a really misplaced love story that runs throughout the movie that doesn’t make sense and feels really forced but I’ll forgive it.

Midnight-thirty July 12, 2014 (My Birthday)

When I arrived home from a night out with my friends, Paul decided to surprise me with some cupcakes. I would insert a picture here but my stomach took precedent over my need to document the deliciousness. Let’s just they were amazing and one had bacon in it. YES, bacon in and on a cupcake, I know. Wipe your drool.

After my birthday cupcakes, he surprised me with a 3 part gift (I’m so spoiled). The first part was a couple of canisters of color film for my camera. I’ve had this camera for over 4 years but when I moved from Massachusetts to Iowa I decided to leave it behind. Well this past trip to Massachusetts sparked my want to get back into film photography so I lugged it back to Iowa with us. The 2nd part involved a wine gift bag that wasn’t filled with wine. As I peeled back the tissue paper, that I can almost guarantee my boyfriend did not arrange himself, I saw this little guy:

I have to admit. I squealed like a 5 year old. I’ve been throwing around the idea about getting a table top tripod but I never thought Paul ever listened. I have to confess. I’m always talking about what I would want if I had more money but I always thought it went on deaf ears. I was tunnel-visioned with my new tripod that I had completely forgot about part 3.
Paul set me up on the couch and told me to close my eyes. A few moments later, he placed a rectangle package on my lap. When I opened my eyes, I saw 2 word. Cowboy Studios. For those outside of the world or photography or film, these words may not mean much but I almost lost my shit. I looked at Paul and then at the package and then back up at Paul. “No.” I gasped. He nodded yes. This when I started tearing at the box just so I set up this bad boy:
I turned into a kid on christmas morning who NEEDED to have their bike put together so they could ride it around in the living room immediately. Paul helped me set up the lighting system which I rewarded him by making him my first subject of my new professional lighting setup. Ringo ended up sitting for a couple of pictures but Paul is a better sport than him.

Paul and Ringo

Ringo protecting his toy

My favorite picture of my boys! ♥

July 12th-13th, 2014

Paul and I went to Des Moines the following day for the rest of my birthday. I didn’t want a big fuss to be made because it’s pretty insignificant year. 29 is no biggie. It’s the big 3-0 that is going be fun. Nonetheless, Paul and I wanted to get out of town. The rest of the weekend was filled with good food and great people. We got some really yummy Vietnamese food.

This is what was left of my Beef and Lemongrass Vermicelli Salad.

We stayed up late for some asian fusion Mexican food at this awesome place. Then in the morning, we got some grease spoon breakfast with his brother at an old-timey dinerAll in all it was amazing weekend though it wreaked havoc on my diet. 
When we arrived home, I found myself at a turning point in regards to my blog/vlog. With my new lighting and new camera equipment, I have this whole new world of possibilities. So I’ve finally decided to get a dot com and make it official. I’m officially  It’s been a long time in the making and I’m so excited. I’ve planned a lot content so keep an eye out for lots of new things in the future. 
That’s all for now. 

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