Iowa State Fair 2014

Since I’ve moved to Iowa, I have attended the Iowa State Fair every year. As someone who grew up in a fairly urban area, the Iowa State Fair is a novelty to me that I just can’t get enough of. It’s not just about fried foods and meat on sticks though I’m sure there are a lot of people who argue you on that. There is so much more to the state fair and it turns me into a little kid all wide eyed and bubbling with excitement.

Here are my highlights:

In the Varied Industries Building there are variety of vendors. Most of the them are colleges, jacuzzi companies, and other home-owner geared vendors. There were a lot of vinyl siding and roofing companies that we don’t care much about. Paul loves checking out his alma mater’s booth, The University of Iowa.  He even got to see Floyd of Rosedale, which is a traveling football trophy. He was very excited about this.



The other really cool thing in the Varied Industries building was this massive sand sculpture that was being erected. It was clearly Iowa-themed.


Next we decied we were hungry and headed towards the Lamb Burger food truck. It’s conveniently located next the sheep barn. What better way to prepare yourself for a nice lamb burger than to see the cute little sheep pre-slaughter.


IMG_1262 - Copy

IMG_1265 - Copy

I kind of felt guilty when I saw this little lady.

IMG_1271 - Copy

….but this lamb cheese burger was soooo tasty!

It’s not the Iowa State Fair if you don’t check out the largest boar. This year’s winner is Peabody who clocks in a whooping 1,277 lbs.

IMG_1273 - Copy

He was sleeping when we got there.

The greatest thing about the fair is how close you are to everything. You literally have to watch where you step when you’re in the livestock area because you could step in anything from cow poop to horse patties.

IMG_1275 - Copy

This guy was side-eyeing me as he was walked out of a competition.

Next we headed to the opposite side of the fairgrounds to the cultural center which is filled with…you guessed it CULTURE! This is always my favorite part of the fair. I love the artsy-fartsy stuff.


IMG_1278 - Copy

These were gords that were made into clocks. I really wanted one but they were out of my price range.

IMG_1279 - Copy

Loom worker making rugs.

IMG_1280 - Copy

3D printer making jewelry.

IMG_1281 - Copy

A painting I thought was pretty neat.

Then we went to watch a performance Paul wanted to see called, Vocal Trash. They sold themselves as a Stomp-esque like group who made music with repurposed trash. They were an interesting bunch. They were compiled of 6 men and 1 woman. There was a DJ, 4 singers, and 2 break-dancers/percussionist. Let’s just say they weren’t like Stomp and they were rather preachy about recycling and “changing the world”. ::rolls eyes:: Moving on….

Next we hit up the “Ag” building which is local’s slang for the “Agriculture building. This is where they display THE buttered cow. I wasn’t able to get a picture of it because there was a line that wrapped around the building so I’ll just insert a picture I found on the internet.

IMG_1288 - Copy

Here’s the line for a butter cow.


Yes, that’s a sculpture made of butter….oh, Iowa.

The one thing Paul really loves about the “Ag building” is it’s local food vendors. He picked some jams and creamed honey. I’m not a fan of either but he was happy.

IMG_1286 - Copy

IMG_1285 - Copy

IMG_1289 - Copy

I was able to find a healthy food that was offered on stick.

Outside the Ag building is a beautiful flower garden.

IMG_1290 - Copy IMG_1294 - Copy

There was also a new installation in the front of the Ag building which was a MASSIVE statue of the American Gothic couple.

IMG_1297 - Copy

IMG_1296 - Copy

This may convey the enormity of this statue but you kind of have to see it to understand it.

We ended our annual trip with a massive philly cheese steak which I didn’t get a picture because quite honestly I’m ashamed I even ate it and I didn’t really want there to be proof of it out there in the world. (I paid dearly for this horrible decision)

All and all, it was a nice trip and completely worth the 11 dollar cover. Nothing compares.



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